Dear Neighbors,

The 7th District Democratic Committee will meet this Saturday, February 6th, 2021 at 1PM at the Swedish American Museum, 5211 N Clark Street, for purpose of filling by appointment the vacant 7th District State Senate seat. This meeting will fill the vacant State Senate seat caused by the Jan 31, 2021 resignation of State Senator Heather Steans. We welcome you to join us for this open forum meeting. Due to the declared public health disaster caused by COVID-19 this open forum meeting will be conducted via video conference using the zoom platform.


This meeting follows a number of community forums and a 7-day application process for candidates.


At this meeting the Democratic Committeepeople from the 7th District will organize as a committee, declare a vacant Senate seat, interview candidates for appointment to the 7th District Senate Seat, meet and deliberate in executive session and publicly vote on the appointment to the position of 7th District State Senator. 


There are six individuals who have applied for consideration by the Committee to be appointed to fill the vacant position of 7th District State Senator.

At the meeting, each candidate will be offered 5 minutes for an opening statement, this will be followed by 20 minutes of questions from members of the Committee. 


Joseph Struck: 1:10PM – 1:35PM

Kelly Cassidy: 1:35 – 2:00PM

Angela Giles: 2:00PM – 2:25PM

Justin Koziatek: 2:25PM – 2:50PM

Joseph Alfe: 2:50PM: – 3:15PM

Michael Simmons: 3:15PM – 3:40PM


After having met with all the candidates, the Committee will meet and deliberate in executive session. After deliberating in executive session, the Committee will return and publicly vote on the appointment to fill the vacant 7th District State Senate seat.


Listed below are the Committeepeople who will be participating in this public process, as well as the weighted vote of their ward.


Ward / Township




Ward 33

Iris Martinez



Ward 39

Ram Villivalam



Ward 40

Maggie O’Keefe



Ward 46

Sean Tenner



Ward 47

Paul Rosenfeld



Ward 48

Harry Osterman



Ward 49

Kelly Cassidy



Ward 50

Debra Silverstein



Evanston Township

Eamon Kelly




Total number of votes



Required number of votes for appointment



Below is the zoom link to view this meeting:


Again, we welcome you to join us for this open process to appoint the Senator from the 7th District.



Harry Osterman 

48th Ward Democratic Committeeman